Linda Hardy, Miss France 1992
A few steps to the Hollywood fame

Linda Hardy was born in 1973 in Nantes, Loire Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, France. She represented France at Miss Universe 1992 held in Bangkok, Thailand (due petitions of Miss France Org. didn’t show on TV screen the Miss France’s preliminary score).

She was semifinalist in Miss Europe 1992 and went at Miss World Pageant too. After her reining as Miss France she started an exorbitant career in Industry of Cinematography and television in her country.


Among her most famous movies are “Recto Verso”, “H”, and her most important performance “Jill” in fiction movie “Inmortel”, movies that is possible have not left Europe.

Although less than 1 year, Linda almost win more than a beauty crown: fame and glamour of Hollywood, because she auditioned among 33 girls (including a close friend of France President Chirac’s daughter) ending as the second option for the Director to make the role of her life, the supporting role of “Shopie Neveu” with Toms Hanks at movie “Da Vinci code”

Movie that without doubt would set Hardy at Hollywood firmament.


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