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** Inconvenient things in Miss Spain

Sometimes in Miss Spain Pageant extenuates rehearsals don’t enough to do well and candidate’s nerves cause all ending bad.

During evening gown competition in 2004, Miss Barcelona, Maite Medina, suddenly stopped a moment and bended down to pick her shoes up and carry on with out shoes, because they didn’t fit well and caused pain, besides she wouldn’t have done a good catwalk with such shoes.

Same thing happened in Miss Spain 2005 during bathing suit competition when Miss Pontevedra, Patricia Casais, had to stop twice because the shoes took away from her feet.

Fortunately both, were able to follow in the contest, Maite finish as 1st runner up going to Miss World and Patricia was a semifinalist in Miss Spain.




** Happy New Year 1997

Some years ago Spaniard Magazine “Hola” published a picture about New Year 1997, there were 12 beautiful models but among them; some very well known former Miss Spain:

Juncal Rivero, Miss Spain 1984 and Miss Europe 1985 (next to word “F”), Raquel Rodríguez Miss Spain 1994 (Juncal’s below), Esther Arroyo Miss Spain 1991 (next to word “E”), Remedios Cervantes Miss Spain 1987 (left number 9) and Sofia Mazagatos Miss Spain Europe 1991 and semifinalist in Miss Europe 1992 (left word “I”).


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