Dalida an incomparable Diva

With any doubt one of the greatest divas and an icon of music in Europe, the Middle East and Canada is the incomparable Dalida.

She was Miss Egypt 1954 but there are not records about her participation in international beauty pageants. Her real name was Yolanda Christina Gigliotti, she was born in El Cairo, Egypt, daughter of Italian artist, she moved to France in 1956 where she started her career in movies and in the music with the song Bambino which was a great hit.

She married her manager Lucien Morrise in 1961 who committed suicide 3 month later; because Dalida had left him for Jean Soblieski (current actress Lili Soblieski’s father), Dalida would leave Soblieski 3 years later.

In 1966 she failed in San Remo Festival with the song “Ciao amore”, written by her Italian boyfriend, the tenor Luigi Tenco. The defeat caused Dalida and her boyfriend to commit suicide; however she was found alive still and saved her life.

The next 20 years she became an icon of music in the whole world. In 1981 she received a diamond award for 30 million copies sold in the world. And in 1983 the last of her lovers would commit suicide also.

During many years she received tributes and cameback El Cairo where she had a welcome almost like a royal member. However, anything was enough for Dalida, and in 1987 got depress, she felt alone and she committed suicide taking barbiturates.

“life is just unbearable, please forgive me”

In 2001, French Government honoured her with a stamp.

She is peacefully resting in Montmartre cemetery in Paris.


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