Martha Eugenia Ortiz Gómez, Miss Mexico World 1978

As the song says, that was made by Napoleon “ella se llamaba Martha” (she was called Martha), it is how we present the picture of Martha Eugenia Ortiz Gómez, the amazing Miss Mexico City 1978, she achieved second place in Miss Mexico Pageant 1978, as was won by Yucatan’s Alba Margarita Cervera Lavat, getting the rights to represent Mexico in Miss World Beauty Pageant 1978.

After being a sensation in London, by her smile, her Latin style, her hair, and finally for her charisma, she achieved an honorable four place.

The bets proclaim her as the winner but the history was different and Argentina’s Silvana Suarez that was not considered as favorite, she was crowned in the Albert Hall of London in 1978 as Miss World.

After 20 years Martha Eugenia is considered one of the best Miss Mexico that has passed in Miss World.

Collaboration of Víctor Balboa (Mexico)



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JUNE 2006


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