When the score speaks

To choose a beauty queen a panel of judges are chosen, who have the criteria to elect the best girl in the contest. In Miss Universe Pageant since 1978 is possible to see on TV screen the score similar to Olympics Games where the highest score and the lowest score are eliminated and the rest score is averaged, the girls with the highest average score make the cut.
However this system, by the way is seen by millions of people in the world, it has been cover by doubts when a new Miss Universe is chosen, due the winner was with a lower score than another contestants, and it is in the year 1978 when controversy started, with the winner South Africa’s Margaret Gardiner despite the score set her on four place with 6.585 while Miss USA was in first place with 7.831. (To see special edition of Miss Universe 1978 in La Vitrina, please press here)

In the years 1979, 1980 and 1981 the winner always were in first place in all competitions, but in 1982 the pageant was held in Lima, Peru, the winner was Canada’s Karen Baldwin with an average score of 8.400 while Miss Guam, Patty Chong Kerkos had the highest score with 8.638 even so she finished on second place.

In 1983 the pageant was held in St. Louis Missouri and the winner was Miss New Zeland Lorraine Downes third in the score with 9.205 while Miss USA Julie Hayek who has the fist place in the score finished as first runner up.

In 1984, Sweden’s Ivonne Ryding was the contestant with the highest score and the winner, but in 1985 in Miami, Florida, USA, the Spaniard Teresa Sánchez saw as her dreams went away to be the winner despite her score was the highest with 8.928, was Miss Puerto Rico Deborah Carthy-Deu who had the four best score in the competition with 8.035 was the winner.

From 1986 until 1991 the winner always had the first place in the competition, but in 1992 in Bangkok, Thailand the absolute favorite, Venezuela’s Carolina Isaac was left of the top 3, when she had the highest score with 9.541 against Michelle McLean Miss Namibia who eventually would win despite she had an score of 9.462 set her on four place.

In 1993 the Miss Universe Pageant was held in Mexico City and one more time the results were controversial, the winner was Miss Puerto Rico, Dayanara Torres despite she was in four place with 9.312, while the first place the Venezuelan Milka Chulina with 9.568 was the second runner up. (To see special edition of Miss Universe 1993 in La Vitrina, please press here)

In 1994 in Manila, Philippines, the absolute winner according the score would be Miss Colombia Carolina Gómez with 9.730, however the reality was different, and Miss India Sushmita Sen was the winner despite being third in the list score with 9.692.

In the years 1995 & 1996 the winners Chelsi Smith of USA and Alicia Machado of Venezuela always were in first place during all competition, nevertheless in 1997, the winner Brook Lee of USA had the third place according the score with 9.59, while Miss Italy Denny Mendez was in first place with 9.64, Denny not even reached the top 3.

In 1998 in Honolulu, Hawaii, there were a “fight” between Miss Trinidad and Tobago Wendy Fitzwilliam and Miss Venezuela Veruska Ramirez, but finally Miss Trinidad and Tobago with the highest score was the winner. In 1999 the winner was Miss Botswana Mpule Kwelagobe, four place in the score list with 9.19, while Miss South Africa, Sonia Raciti with score of 9.23 not even reached the top 3.

In Miss Universe Pageant 2000, the score favored to Miss Venezuela Claudia Moreno with 9.46, however the winner was Miss India Lara Dutta, second in the score list, the years 2001 and 2002, the Puerto Rican Denisse Quiñones and the Russian Oxana Fedorova were the winners respectively and always were in first position.

It is worth to mention that in every stage during the contest, the score is eliminated and starting from zero, it’s there where some of them overcome the girls with the highest score.


Collaboration of Jesús Rodríguez (Venezuela)



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JUNE 2006


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