Corrinne Crewe, Miss Zimbabwe 2000

Corrinne Crewe was the first Miss Zimbabwe to make the semi finals in one of the beauty pageants most prestigious, owner of a spectacular body, 1.83 mts. tall, and a very special beauty and exotic also, she achieved to be one of the favorites of the whole competition in Miss Universe Pageant 2000 held in Nicosia, Cyprus and she won 3rd place in National Custom Competition.

When she was in Cyprus made 2 declarations which paid them attention, the first one was she had just 2 weeks of training about catwalk with her sister in law in charge after being declared as Miss Zimbabwe, the second one was the political situation was happening in her country and her comment was "despite my proud for representing my country in this contest, it is probable that I get out if the illegal black people incited by President Robert Mugabe continue their violent threats to get back the farms in possession of white minor people of the country".



Corrinne has declared that it have been so difficult to get a job as a model, actually her passion, due her strange and exotic beauty, not very commercial for runways, she has felt rejected.

She currently is living in London and works in a bank, she is so far, the most beautiful contestant of Zimbabwe and one of the most exotic contenders in all history of the beauty pageant.


Collaboration of Oscar Buen Camino (Mexico)




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