From a beauty queen to an actress, from Tarzan’s wife to an art collectionist

For many people Carmen “Tita” Cervera, Miss Spain 1961 is a polemic woman with an aristocrat title but it comes from her grandfather, who was Marques of Valladolid, her father wanted to give her the best education possible, she learn many languages, played the piano, dramatic art, etc, in 1961 she applied for Miss Cataluña Pageant, with out the authorization of her father, she won and went to Miss Spain, where finally won also.

She went to Miss International and got a finalist place, later she participated in Miss World 1961 in London, and she obtained the third place.

Carmen Cervera at 18 years old was elected Miss Spain 1961, she is the one with Miss Cataluña sash

In 1962 in a flight to Zurich, she met Lex Barker, she asked him an autograph. That was the first approach with one of the most emblematic “Tarzan” of the movies and finalized in a happy married, it was 8 years of love, he died at 55 years old by heart attack.

In 1975 she married with Espartaco Santoni, but she requested the divorce later, surprising she found that she was not married officially!!.

In 1980 had a son and one year later she met the man who is her great love and one of the richest men in the world, the Baron Heinrich Von Thyssen, they married in 1985. but in 2002 her husband died, nowadays Carmen Cervera is one of the richest women of the world.





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JULY 2006


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