Helen Lindes, Miss Spain 2000

Helen Lindes of Canaries Islands got the second runner up place in Miss Universe 2000 held in Cyprus.

Her crowning as Miss Spain was a bit “disaster”, when were waiting the results of the new Miss Spain, the host announced the second runner up Helen Lindes, suddenly Luis María Ansón, Jury President and member of Spaniard Language Academy Royal stand up and called at public notary, who had notified the votes and clarify the results because a mistake had occurred.

Atmosphere was very tense, and then minutes later, after check again the results, the host called Natalia Robres, Miss Teruel as 2nd runner up, then Veronica García, Miss Tarragona as 1st. runner up and the winner Helen Lindes who had been called minutes ago as 2nd runner up!!.

Lindes won the Miss Photogenic Award in Miss Universe and put Spain into semi finals 2 years in a row, this did not happen since 1973 and 1974.

Helen Lindes nowadays is one of the Miss Spain most remembered.



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JULY 2006


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