Miss Spain and its Miss Photogenic Award in Miss Universe

3 times Spain has won the Miss Photogenic Award in Miss Universe beauty pageant, in 1984, 1993 and 2000. In 1984 the winner was Garbiñe Abasolo, who as Miss Spain she was to Austria in order to compete in Miss Europe 1984 and month later to United States to compete in Miss Universe, she did not make it, but she won the Miss Photogenic award in both contests!!

The next time that Spain won the prize was in Miss Universe 1993 held in Mexico City, the winner was Eugenia Santana of Canaries Island she was a semifinalist also.

Many years later Spain got the Miss Photogenic Award again this time with beautiful Helen Lindes of Canaries Island in Miss Universe 2000 held in Nicosia, Cyprus. This beautiful girl with mesmerizing green eyes got a third place in the international beauty pageant.

Collaboration of Moises Braulio Saborido (Spain)




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JULY 2006


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