Christianne Balmelli, Miss Chile World 2001
The dream to be a beauty queen, “the third attempt is the good one”


The first participation of Christianne in a beauty pageant was in Miss Chile 1998, unluckily she passed unnoticed by the pageant being out in the first round, despite being the most beautiful contestant.


Her dream to be Miss Chile followed, because she went to Miss Chile World 2000, event that was made in a private way by Daniella Campos, finalist in Miss World 1998, Christianne almost reach her goal, because she got a second place, won by Isabel Bawlitza who got six place in Miss World 2000. In the year 2001, Christianne tried again and applied to the contest due petition of Daniella Campos.


Finally Christianne won the Miss Chile World title, a dream that always has since she was a child, she traveled to South Africa to represent Chile in Miss World 2001, continuing her bad luck she didn’t make it, despite to be one of the favorites, moreover she won the Miss Photogenic title, Christianne reached a 14 spot.





Collaboration of Ramón Araya Zuñiga (Chile)




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JULY 2006


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