Strange Pageants

Nowadays there are many beauty pageants like internationals, nationals and locals but the pageants we enlist here, have a special factor it is about the anatomy.

In Spain in 1936, was elected Adelita Fernandez, Miss Back 1936, I mean the most beautiful back in Spain!!.


During 40’s decade in United States of America were held 2 spectacular pageants; the first one was Posture Queen and to be elected the winner, the judges had to check the x-rays of spine of every contender. The second was Poinsettea Queen who winner was crowned in swimsuit ….. but inside the ocean!



The sixties were prolific for this kind of contest, and here are some of them.

Miss Wings of the universe 1966, contest exclusive for air hostesses held in Brazil, the winner was Margarita Huerta Gray of Spain.


The most beautiful eyes of Texas in 1967, contest won by Cathy Muirhead


Lady Cantrece 1969, celebrated in London and it is about the most beautiful legs of England, contest won by Linda Goldstraw who wear the crown precisely in her leg.



Miss Catholic 1969, contest held in Rome where the winner was Sandra Key of England, maybe right now she is a nun!!!.

Miss Space 1969, title reached by Melanie Leigh of Indianapolis, this contest was held in Cleveland, USA. In picture we can watch the space costume of the winner.


Also in USA but in Miami was held the Pageant the most beautiful navel in 1969, title won by Trudy Dolnick of Chicago who show off it proudly.

In 70’s we had also these kind of contest, here are some.

The best legs of USA, just check the way the winner were elected!!


Another one was the future mother of the year; pageant held in London with pregnant women, this prize was got by Lynne Warnett. Months later was published a picture of her with her new born son.


Other contest were the most beautiful eyes of England 1970, Miss Nude World 1970, held in Ontario, Canada, the happy and naked winner was Lee Stallon of Toronto and to close this decade we have Miss height International 1975, unfortunately we don’t have the picture’s winner but 2 of the contenders, Kathy Szezur of Detroit, 1.89 mts tall and Joy Crumley Miss Fort Wayne, 1.94 mts. tall , the difference is noticed between them and the judge.


The last strange contest we have found is Miss butt of the year 1991, this contest was held in England and the winner was one the royal member, Marina Mowatt, she is the only daughter of Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy and the late Sir Angus Ogilvy. Her godfather is The Prince of Wales.


Collaboration of Pepe Medel (Mexico)




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