The Colombian's First runner up in Miss Universe

Carolina Gómez, Paola Turbay and Paula Andrea Betancourt


None other country in any beauty pageant in the world has achieved the first runner up position consecutively. Colombia has already achieved in Miss Universe 1992, 1993 and 1994, this South American country almost reached the crown with 3 spectacular women, the first one was Paola Turbay, Miss Universe 1992’s first runner up, Paola introduce herself to Mayor of Bogota to request to be elected as Miss Bogota, Paola won the Miss Colombia Pageant being the most competitive of the history.

She travelled to Thailand where was held the Miss Universe Pageant, she quickly was one of the favourites of press and people. Lupita Jones (Miss Universe 1991) in one of her visits to Colombia says “this girl could be my successor”. Turbay a psychologist student achieved for Colombia its first runner up position in the history of Miss Universe.



But just 1 year later an amazing woman catch the flash cameras of International press in México City, where is holding the 1993 Miss Universe Pageant, she was Miss Colombia Paula Andrea Betancourt, this beautiful girl who comes from Amazonas and who wants to preserve the life of pink dolphins whom born in her State (Amazonas), quickly is settled as one of the favourites to win the Miss Universe title.

Paula who in final night of Miss Colombia Pageant has packed to go home after the contest, because she thought she would not win, she achieved for second time consecutively for her country the first runner up position in Miss Universe.



But surprises for Colombia not finished yet, the new Miss Colombia 1994, Carolina Gómez of Bogota, went to Manila Philippines, to participate in Miss Universe 1994. Carolina recorded the highest score in evening gown in all history of Miss Universe, almost a perfect 10; 9.897.

Carolina always proclaimed the help to single young mothers, with a great and unique charisma, Carolina conquered for third time consecutively for Colombia the first runner up position in the most important beauty pageant in the world.



Video of Paola, Paula Andrea and Carolina being named as first runner up in their respectively years

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Colombia has 1 Miss Universe who got the title in 1958, she is Luz Marina Zuluaga, by the way it was the first time that Colombia participated in the contest and won it!!!.

Colombia has 27 classified trough out history of Miss Universe (until 2006)


the 3 first runner up in Miss Universe and the only Miss Universe of Colombia, Luz Marina Zuluaga



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