"Thank you God ... "

We have gathered some photos about reactions of beauty queens around the world, who just after they had been crowned turned their mind up to God. It is very touching. We can read from their faces their gratefulness to a superior power.


Brook Lee being crowning Miss Universe 1997 (USA)


Zuleika Rivera being named semi-finalist and Miss Universe 2006 later (Puerto Rico)


Christina Sawaya Miss International 2002 (Lebanon) and Porntip Nakhirunkanok Miss Universe 1988 (Thailand)


Priyanka Chopra Miss World 2000 (India) and Hil Hernández Miss Earth 2006 (Chile)



Jitzad Viña Miss Venezuela 2006 and Daniela Di Giacomo Miss International 2006 (Venezuela)


Natalie Glebova Miss Universe 2005 (Canada) and Amelia Vega Miss Universe 2003 (Dominican Rep.)


El anecdotario and all its collaborators wish you a Merry Christmas

enjoy the holiday season and see you on 2007!!!!!!



Collaboration of Barbora Markova (Slovak Rep.)   


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