Ana Bertha Lepe, Miss Mexico 1953

She born on September 12, 1934 in Tlacotalpan, Jalisco, Mexico, she is one of the most beautiful Mexican women and perhaps she is the most celebrated of all Miss Mexico despite non to have won the Miss Universe title.

In 1952 she begun a carrier in movies with “Demon’s justice” and the same year, she applied for Miss Mexico pageant ending in 3rd place.

Next year she entered the pageant again just to impulse her carrier as actress, she won the Miss Mexico title 1953, which she got rights to represent Mexico in Miss Universe pageant held in Long Beach, USA, she finished in four place.

In a interview she says, “I used to work in movies before the Miss Mexico pageant, I had made just small role, and the produces who they know me already, they promised me 4 movies in main role, moreover Universal Studio offered a movie at 5 finalist in miss universe, although I thought it was better for me to work in Mexico and not for Universal Studio because they would forget me soon and in Mexico I would be a star".

When she arrived to Mexico, she never imagined how big represent her 4 place in Miss Universe, she got fame and fortune easily, since then, she has made over 60 movies in Mexico and work with the most prestigious artist.

Nowadays she is semi-retired of movies, she is indeed a myth in Mexico, because during 35 years nobody Mexican contestant could surpass her historic 4 place in Miss Universe, she is the most celebrated of all Miss Mexico.


Collaboration of Alexboy777 and pictures gathered by Alfonso Freyre (Mexico)



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