The strange and improbable photos of a beauty contests
- 2006 edition-

1st . part

Year by year elanecdotario presents pictures of beauty pageants that we can not say are “beautiful” but curios and strange, those pictures have been gathered trough the year from internet and system.

Here is the first part of the strange and improbable photos of a beauty contests!!!

They are angry ........

Miss Indonesia 2005 became angry in Thailand beaches during Miss Universe 2005 pageant, we don’t know why, perhaps Didn’t she likes the tattoo of her contender???

From left to right Miss India and Miss Philippines 2005 became angry in Sanya Beaches, China during Miss World 2005

Again an Asian girl became angry in a bar in Thailand where was held the 2005 Miss Universe Pageant, what happened with Asians???

Someone watch us …..

In Bagkok Thailand, Laura Elizondo Miss Mexico 2005 with a group of Fans, who don’t realized about the gay with strange gestures, What do you think he is thinking….?

The very new Miss Poland 2006, didn’t realized someone is watching with very bad intentions… luckily she has her handsome bodyguard

Laura Elizondo again but now in Mexico poses with Miss Sinaloa a candidate for Miss Mexico 2007 crown and behind her a guy watch them, he make up something in his mind….

It was 60’s and two contender of Miss Universe catwalk in Long Beach, USA, while a happy man, watch contender’s legs (closer is better)

backs and fronts .......

Miss Italy 2005 poses for the press the day after she wins

Contenders for Miss Universe 2005 poses for the international press but something it doesn’t match ...
(to see left side)

From left to right Miss Universe 1987, Cecilia Bolocco dancing and showing more than usual in Viña del Mar, Chile in a Festival and Miss France 2005 during National costume competition in Los Angeles, USA where were held the 2005 miss universe pageant.

Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004 can not believe she is watching in a fashion show in Australia

Very sutil Jennifer watches every inch of the body this male model in a fashion show in Australia

Miss Panama Earth 2005 poses happy for the internacional press in Manila Philippines

What a sweet partner!! Miss World 2004 and the host Tim Vincent, could you image to see naked? Don’t image we have the picture!! Just roll down …

Picture of a candidate in Miss World held in Sanya China, which spread all over internet, be careful with the tiger!!

asleep and tired ...

big favourite Miss Venezuela even sleeping looks sexy!! That happened during Miss International 2005 in Japan

more sleeping people, the Miss World 1953 contenders during a trip

to wait is tired and 2 contenders for Miss Universe 2006 title are really tired and bored…

Miss Italy 2004 tired during a photoshoot in Miss Universe held in Quito, Ecuador

Music, please .........

Wow!!! Miss Slovenia, Miss Israel and Miss United Kingdom enjoy the party during a visit to Thailand beaches in Miss Universe 2005.

Miss Argentina dance sexy in one of the parties in Honolulu, Hawaii during Miss Universe 1998.

Photomontages and Miss Universe 2006 pictures

mmmm the contender of left walks in a very strange way, because her dress stick constantly, this happened during Miss Universe 2006

and again the dress sticks, but this event doesn’t avoid this girl wins the most prestigious beauty contest in the world, the 2006 Miss Universe she is Zuleika Rivera of Puerto Rico

Miss South Africa with a very sexy evening gown during coronation ball in Miss Universe 2006 in Los Angeles and Miss Germany; and perhaps you ask; What special is this picture?....... well, she is wearing the fox stole that was awarded to Hillevi Rombin of Sweden and Miss Universe of 1955!!!!!!

Photomontage of Natalie Glebova Miss Universe 2005 of Canada wearing the 3 version crowns used in Miss Universe

Miss Venezuela 2005 and finalist in Miss Universe wearing the crown and the sash of Miss Universe, obviously it is a photomontage


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