Miss World 1979 Beauty Pageant

On November 15th, 1979 the Albert Royal Hall looked radiant to be celebrate the Miss World Pageant, participating 69 girls from all over the world, transmitting live to millions by BBC, being one of the last years that BBC worked with Miss World Organization due the pressure in last decade by radical feminist group, who says it is a denigrate show for woman in spite of to be one of the shows with more rating in United Kingdom.

That year was chosen as Miss World, Gina Swaison , Miss Bermudas, a brunette beauty, black hair, brown eyes, 90 – 60 – 90 measures, 1.75 cms. Tall, Gina was a big favourite from beginning, she is from Hamilton, Bermuda’s Capital and study in Wisconsin, USA, she work in a wines store and her wish in a future is to have her own wine business, she admires Katherine Hepburn and likes to practice sports, she made Bermudas proud when she won, the people went out to the streets to celebrate the victory.


Second place was Carolyn Seaward of England, third place was Miss Jamaica Debbie Campbell, four place was Miss Australia, Jodie Anne Day and fifth place Miss Sweden Barbara Mayer.

Sixth and seven place were for Brazil, Lea Silva Dall Àcqua and Miss Austria, Karin Zorn (Miss Europe 1980) respectively.

The rest of semi-finalists were Miss Germany Andrea Honstchick, Miss Malaysia Shirley Chew; Miss Mexico Roselina Rosas; Miss Spain Lola Forner, Miss USA Carter Wilson; Miss Uruguay, Laura Rodríguez Delgado, Miss Panama Lorelay de la Ossa and Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Marlene Coggins.

Bermuda’s government (located east USA, British colony since 1609, with a population over 60,000 and one of the best income per capita in the world and with serious racial problems between white population and black population) declared as National Day, November 15th. Because of Gina’s triumph to conquer for first time for Bermudas the Miss World title.

Gina’s victory is a particular feat because on July on same year she was the first runner up in Miss Universe 1979 held in Perth Australia, the most important beauty pageant in the world and got the first place in Miss World which is considered the second most important beauty pageant in the world, feat shared solely by Rosemarie Frankland in 1961 of Wales.

Gina Swaison Miss Bermudas, participated in Miss Universe 1979 also, where she achieved the first runner up

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