Pictures of Miss Mexico 1978 Beauty Pageant

1978 was the year when Mexico celebrated its first Miss Universe Pageant, there were a big expectation who will be the next Miss Mexico, here are some pictures.

from left to right Miss Mexico City contestants and Ernestina Sodi, who later she would represent Mexico in Miss International 1978, she is Mexican artist Thalia's sister

from left to right Miss Mexico City contestants and the announcement of the winner for Miss Mexico World 1978 (16)


Felicia Mercado, Miss Mexico 1977 who that night would crown the new Miss Mexico, along her Miss England and Miss Scotland

Finalist of Miss Mexico 1978

Miss Yucatán, Alba Margarita Cervera in her self introduction, later she would win the Mexico 1978 title

Alba Margarita Cervera, semifinalist in Miss Universe 1978 held in Acapulco, Mexico


Collaboration of Víctor Balboa (Mexico)




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