Violence in the World of Misses

One of the greatest problems in our current world is the insecurity which is living in each of our countries, the breach of human rights and the no respect for life.

Alarmist situation and even fatal endings has happened to simple and normal people, caused by ambitious of few. Nobody is safe, not even beauty queens, here are some dramatic and sad anecdotes:

Linor Abargail, Miss World 1998 of Israel, confessed to have been raped by an Israeli Citizen emigrated of Egypt, just two months before the Miss World Pageant.

On March 26, 1965; during the Miss Memphis Contest, it is a preliminary beauty pageant for Miss Tennessee America, Barbara Jean Smith wife of one of the main organizer was found killed in the parking lot, she was beaten on the head and had 3 shoots in the back, 40 years later the crime is unsolved.

In 1992, Monica Zuñiga, Miss Mexico 1992 along with actress Eugenia Cauduro were kidnapped for just 4 hours, fortunately they didn’t suffer injuries.

On December 26, 1996, Jon Benet Ramsey, the little beauty queen of Colorado, USA is found dead by her mother in her house’s basement in Boulder, Co. Jon Benet, 6 years old was beaten and raped. As yet one of the greatest scandals still unresolved.

from left to right, Monica Zuñiga, Miss México 1992 and Jon Benet Ramsey, Miss Little Colorado +

On September 22, 2002, Ernestina Sodi, Miss Mexico International 1977 and her sister actress Laura Zapata were kidnapped but released them 1 moth later, causing effervescences in the press and the politic in Mexico, putting on scene the security problems in Mexico City, the kidnappers were captured.

In 2003, Miss Honduras 1992, Monica Rapalo was murdered by criminals of Central America, along with her husband; very known Honduran politic.

On July 2004, Marimar Fiallo, Miss Dominican Republic 2004 almost was kidnapped in the parking of a Mall in Santo Domingo, two guys tried kidnapped her and they fought for about 10 minutes, the beauty queen was able to release them, unfortunately she ended up wounded and her skin was covered with bruises.

Perhaps the most dramatic story is about Miss International 1991, Poland`s Agnieszka Kotlarska, she was murdered by Jerzy L. in front of her husband and daughter, Jerzy stalking her for more than five years; but that story will be published in our next edition.

from left to right, Larimar Fiallo, Miss Dominican Rep. 2004 and Agnieszka Kotlarska, Miss International 1991


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