Pictures of Miss Universe 1985 Beauty Pageant

This is a recompilation from several newspaper regard to Miss Universe 1985, held in Miami, USA where Deborah Carthy-Deu of Puerto Rico won.

first runner up; SPAIN, Teresa Sánchez López

second runner up; ZAIRE, Kayonga (Benita) Mureka Tete

third runner up; VENEZUELA, Silvia Cristina Martínez Stapulionis

four runner up; URUGUAY, Andrea Beatriz López Silva


BRAZIL, Márcia Giagio Canavezes de Oliveira
CANADA, Karen Elizabeth Tilley
CHILE, Claudia Van Sint Jan del Pedregal
IRELAND, Olivia Marie Tracey
USA, Laura Elena Martínez-Herring



Miss Spain Teresa Sánchez believes she is the winner of Miss Universe 1985 held in Miami, USA
Teresa ranked second

Semi-finals in bathing suit (above) and Miss Mexico Yolanda de la Cruz Cardenas and Miss Spain Teresa Sánchez

El anecdotario year by year pick out the best pictures published in the web site, in this 2006 we have already the first picture elected and it’s the Miss Spain reaction when she believes that she is the winner of Miss Universe 1985!! Wait for the best pictures of the year article on January, 2007!!.

Collaboration of Victor Balboa (Mexico)



This anecdote is from the month: APRIL 2006

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