Precious Lara Quigaman, Miss International 2005

Precious Lara Quigaman was born on January 3, 1983 in Ususan, Taguig, Philippines, on September 26, 2005, she achives the 2005 Miss International crown. According to her aunt, Tess Ignacio, with whom the beauty queen lives when she’s in the country, Lara has always been outgoing. As a kid she would pretend to be a beauty queen, standing in front of the mirror chin up a waving like a winner.

She studied grade school at an International Indian school in Bahrain and high school at La Consolacion College in Manila, she is graduate of NVQ Media Productions and Communication at Filton University in Bristol, United Kingdom. She also took up a course in BA Childhood ND Youth Studies.

Her mother, Princesita is a register nurse based in Bristol, UK. Her father Nelson, died in a road accident in London, last May. But before that, he already told his daughter that she would win the top prize in the beauty pageant.



Lara surprises when heard she is the new Miss International 2005, she is crowning by Miss International 2004, Jeymmi Paola Vargas Gómez of Colombia

She is congratulated by her little brother and mother in Tokyo, Japan


Lara is the eldest of four children, she is the four Filipino to win the Miss International Competition, the last Filipino to win it was Melanie Marquez in 1979, the first Filipino Miss International was Gemma Cruz in 1965, the second was Aurora Pijuan in 1970.

Lara first joined the Miss Philippines Pageant in 2001, when was only 17th, she didn’t ever make it to the semifinals, in an interview she was questioned about if she encourage other contestants who didn’t place to try again after a few years, she said:

“most definitely, especially if they want to win a title. When you do this pageant again it’s pure fun. There is no more fear, no doubt and you know the pace and schedule, you know what will work for your body, you’ll have the confidence and ease you didn’t have the first time”.

She lived abroad and she thinks, that fact was very helpful to conquer the crown, “living in other countries broadens your mind and lets you encounter very different cultures, people and traditions. You feel it’s a global village. I met of differences races and it just made me see our similarities more.

You will develop a curiosity that allows you to try new food, flavours and entertainment you never dreamed of. You become international in your outlook”.

She says the sexiest part of her body is her brain.

Her amazing face was the “Metro” Magazine’s cover

Lara is the four Philippine to achive the Miss International crown; she received a very warm welcome home

Precious Lara was able to represents Philippines in an international beauty pageant, in her first attend she did not ever make it the semifinals in the National Pageant

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