The beautiful and recently elected Miss Universe, Natalie Glebova tells certain anecdotes and details of her life before and during Miss Universe just few months of her triumph past June in Bangkok, Thailand.

*** Article from a Canadian Magazine

  • She was born in Tuapse, Russia; a small village on the coasts of the Black Sea.

  • She is an only child.

  • She studied classical piano and Olympic gymnastics for 7 years in her natal Russia.

  • In 1993 she immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Her first house in Canada was a hotel near the airport where she lived with her parents one week.

  • She grew up as a shy girl, due to her Russian accent and last name, she ended up perfecting her English and became a children’s tutor of immigrant children.

  • The first Miss Universe contest that she saw was the 2002 contest won by the Russian Oxana Fedorova.

  • After competing in Miss Canada 2004, where she finish fourth, she went to Colombia to the Miss Maja World Contest - during the contest, her foot got stuck between two dais of wood, she pulled very hard and hurt her foot. She finished the contest with a bleeding, inflamed foot.

  • Her favorite color is the turquoise, but she selected white for her night gown in Miss Universe, as she said "White is the winning color in the contests!”

  • Just like the Russian Oxana Fedorova in her year (2002), Natalie was the last delegate to enter Miss Universe, both were born in Russia, and they both won officially dressed in white.

  • In the pre selection, the jury asked her: “If you could reincarnate, who would you like to come back as? Her answer was “in Erin Brokovich".

  • She goes mad with all types of chocolates.

  • Her roommate was Miss Latvia and her best friend was Miss Israel.

  • They are planning to meet in Crimea, once she finishes her obligations as Miss Universe.


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This anecdote is from the month: SEPTEMBER 2005

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