Andalusia; Land of Spanish Queens

Andalusia is in the south of Spain, most Spanish beauty queens have come from there. 15 of 45 Miss Spain chosen up to the moment come from this Spanish region.

These Andalusian winners were:

Miss Spain 1966, Paquita Torres;
Miss Spain 1967, Paquita Delgado;
Miss Spain 1970, Josefina Román;
Miss Spain 1972, María del Rocío Martín;
Miss Spain 1973, Amparo Muñoz;
Miss Spain 1981, Cristina Pérez;
Miss Spain 1986, Remedios Cervantes;
Miss Spain 1988, Eva María Pedraza;
Miss Spain 1989, Raquel Revuelta;
Miss Spain 1990, Esther Arroyo;
Miss Spain 1994, Raquel Rodríguez;
Miss Spain 1996, María José Suárez;
Miss Spain 2002, Vania Millán;
Miss Spain 2003, Eva María González;
y Miss Spain 2004, María Jesús Ruiz.

Those Andalusian Miss Spain’s that have participated in Miss Universe have been Amparo Muñoz Quezada, who won the title of Miss Universe 1974, Maria Del Rocio Martin was Third Finalist in Miss Universe 1973, and Paquita Torres, Paquita Delgado and Josefina Roman were Semifinalists in Miss Universe 1966, 1967 and 1971, respectively.

In the 1967 Miss Europe contest, Paquita Torres was the winner, Amparo Muñoz was The First Finalist in Miss Europe 1973 and Cristina Perez was The Second Finalist in Miss Europe 1982.

Picture, the last 3 Miss Spain chosen from Andalusia


Collaboration of Moisés Braulio Saborido (Spain)


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