Peculiarities of Miss / Mr. España

In the 2002 edition of the Mr. Spain contest. Participated a candidate who broke with old prejudices representing the province of Tarragona in the above mentioned masculine contest. The name of this candidate is Isaac Vidjrakou, the first and only black competitor who has taken part in a contest of national beauty in Spain. Isaac not only represented his province, he won the 2002 Mr. Spain contest and represented his country in Mr. World 2003.

In Miss Spain's 2002 edition participated a girl who besides the physical qualities had a peculiarity in the above mentioned contest. Miss León, Arianna Álvarez, was deaf and mute. It was the first time that a girl with this characteristics participated in a beauty contest. She won her way up to the TOP 12 that year in Miss Spain.

The innovative of Farah Ahmed, representative of Melilla in Miss Spain 2004, was that she was the first Moslem religion candidate competing in Miss Spain. Farah there managed to classify like 2 ª Runner up, title that took her to participate in Miss Europe 2005 were she did not obtain any classifications.

Collaboration of Moisés Braulio Saborido (Spain)



This anecdote is from the month: SEPTEMBER 2005

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