Queen under the rain

In a totally unusual final, Michelle Badillo Paéz from Venezuela was elected on May 8, 1993 Queen of the International Coast, in the facilities of the Tourist Complex Condovac, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Five minutes before the contest began a torrential downpour fell, it extended for several hours and forced to delay the activity, planned to be celebrated outdoors.

When it stopped raining, the stage was cleaned and the audience entered to support their favorites. The beauty parade began on Saturday at dawn, by 4:15 a.m. the three finalists were announced, the third place, Miss Puerto Rico, Lizaura Quiñónez, the second place Miss USA, Kieatein Lamthear and the new Queen of the International Coast, was Miss Venezuela, Michelle Badillo.

Costa Rican Andrea Palavicini Escalante was named Miss Congeniality and the press chose Badillo as Miss Photogenic. The representative of Argentina, Laura Rafael, was chosen as the best face and won a prize by Maybelinne.


Michelle Badillo recieved the crown as Reina de la Costa Internacional 1993 from Sucetty Salas,
who was Miss Costa Rica World 1981 and Mrs. World 1986 first runner up

Badillo is today a recognized social communicator graduated from the UCAB, she is a radio announcer.

She participated in the 1992 Miss Venezuela as Miss Mérida, obtaining the band of fifth finalist.

She traveled to Costa Rica and took part in the Miss International Coast.

Where she won the above mentioned crown.



Collaboration of Basilio Quesada (Costa Rica)



This anecdote is from the month: SEPTEMBER 2005

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