Miss Universes who were not crowned by the current Miss Universe

All Miss Universes have been crowned by the current Miss Universe but there were several exceptions

1952.- it was the very first Miss Universe Contest and the winner Finland’s Armi Kuusela was crowned by Laurie Piper, her picture is on the cover of Miss Universe official Programme.


1953.- that year Julia Adams crowned because the current Miss Universe were in honeymoon, in that time to be married was not an impediment to compete. The winner was France’s Christiane Martel.

1972.- in that year Lebanon’s Georgina Rizk had to crown, but didn’t allow to go the contest because in that year in Holy Week a Lebanese terrorist killer Puerto Rican tourists in Lebanon and the President of her country didn’t allow her to go the contest for security because it would held precisely in Puerto Rico, the winner Australia’s Kerry Anne Wells was crowned by Miss Universe 1970 Marisol Malaret of Puerto Rico.

1975.- Amparo Muñoz of Spain, Miss Universe 1974 was invited to El Salvador, but the organization never sent her the air tickets, the crown was carry on a pillow, the winner was Finland’s Anne Marie Pohtamo and was crowned by Kerry Anne Wells, Miss Universe 1972..

2003.- the crown was given by first runner-up of Miss Universe 2002, Panama’s Justine Pasek because the original winner resigned, but rumours say that she was fired because of didn’t fulfil her duties. Pasek was named as the official Miss Universe 2002 by the organization after Fedorova left. The winner was Dominican Republic’s Amelia Vega.


Collaboration of Pepe Medel (Mexico)


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