The 70's; big headaches to the Miss World organization

There is no doubt that the 70`s was a decade that caused big headaches to the Miss World organization and the Morley's, for the scandals in which they were involved as the election of the first Black Miss World, feminist protests, a bomb, and South Africa represented by two women a white one and a black woman,

A queen in shift makes leaves her crowning vacant, she was Marjorie Wallace in 1973

A Miss World was dismissed after finding out that she was a single mother, the protagonist was Hellen Morgan, two men disputed the paternity, besides she was the first finalist in Miss Universe 1974 won by Spanish Amparo Muñoz .

from left to right, Marjorie Wallace of USA and Miss World 1973, Helen Morgan of Wales and Miss World 1974

A Miss that did not want to travel to Vietnam, was Lucia Peterle of Brazil, Miss World 1971, it was a tradition in the 60s and 70s that the winner of the Miss World contest would support the American and Australian troops in Vietnam, she was the first queen that refused to travel to this country.

Brazil's Lucia Tavares Peterle, Miss World 1971

Miss Hong 1972, turned out to be a man

A friend of a journalist substitutes a "Miss" that leaves the contest, according to the magazine "Vanidades". Miss Germany was the one who left the contest,a journalist found out and immediately invited a friend to compete.

The Miss Germany organizers realized when they saw in the opening parade a girl which they had never seen, since their competitor never informed them about the she was leaving the event. This unknown girl managed to appear among the semifinalists.

A competitor turned out to be a "man", this was in 1972, according to the book "Images and recollections of Murano" edited in Spain, an article appears where it says " This year the winner and the rest of the princesses were not the causers of problems, it was Miss Hong Kong who turned out to be a Chinese young man who had a sex change,and could fool the organizers by accepting him in the contest "

Slightly conventional declarations of a queen, boycott of some delegates for the presence in the competition of South Africa, these were some of the principal problems that the organization faced during the mentioned decade.


We cant avoid mentioning something from 1978, a small incident, and this year was at the expense of Miss Tunez Malek Nemlaghi, a fashion disigner student of 19 years who refused to remove the "yashmak" that is a veil with which women cover their face according to the Moslem tradition in many Arabic countries.

This caused her to be disqualified from the contest, finally she decided to remove the "yashmak" from her face, so she could be qualified by the judges and participated in the event. She became very popular after this, but nevertheless, she did not manage to enter the privileged group of the "15 semifinalists".



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