Lorena van Heerde Ayala, Miss Spain 2001

In the year 2001 was chosen the new Miss Spain, from Alicante Lorena van Heerde Ayala, 17 years old, and Eva Sisó and Macarena García were the runners.


Lorena did not join to Miss Universe pageant 2001 that year due she was under 18 years old, finally the Miss Spain Inc. tried to send her at Miss Universe 2002, but Lorena’s father and Lorena ended in not very good terms with Miss Spain Inc. and she did not go to Miss Universe anymore

Lorena is the only one Miss Spain who has not represents her country in any International beauty pageant.



Collaboration of Moisés Braulio Saborido (Spain)   






This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2005

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