12 years of  "Nuestra Belleza México"

Nuestra Belleza Mexico is the organization in charge of sending the Mexican representatives to the most important beauty contests of the world, Miss Universe and Miss World, just as well in 1999 and 2000 they sent the Mexican representative to Miss International.

Nuestra Belleza Mexico was founded in 1994 and is directed by the only Mexican Miss Universe Lupita Jones, who on the basis of effort, dedication and perseverance has made of Nuestra Belleza a real beauty institution.

Every year Nuestra Belleza searches for beautiful women nationwide, which fulfill diverse characteristics to be able to represent our country worldwide, during 11 years of Nuestra Belleza, fans have had the opportunity to see really beautiful, intelligent, and prepared women who love Mexico, every year people start trusting more and more this organization.

Today , Nuestra Belleza celebrates 12 years of existence, that is why we want to give a well-deserved recognition to all the people that in many ways have collaborated with this dream in which the challenge is theirs but the pride is of a nation.

Achievements of Nuestra Belleza Mexico in Miss Universe

Laura Elizondo and her award, third place in national costume in Miss Universe 2005

Vanesa Guzmán - Nuestra Belleza 95 - 4th place Miss Universe 1996, 2nd place national costume.

Kati Fuentes- Nuestra Belleza 97 – 3rd Place Lugar en national costume and received an award by “Clairol Herbal Essences”

Silvia Salgado – Nuestra Belleza 98 – Top 10 Miss Universe 1999

Leticia Murray – Nuestra Belleza 99 – 1st place in national costume and received the award “Clairol Essences" to the best style.

Rosalva Luna – Nuestra Belleza 03 – Top 15 Miss Universe 2004 y 2nd place national costume.

Laura Elizondo – Nuestra Belleza 04 – 4th place Miss Universe 2005 y 3rd place national costume


Yesica Ramirez was named “World TOP model” during Miss Word 2004

Alejandra Quintero – Nuestra Belleza Mundo 95 – 6th place Miss Word 1995.

Jessica Salazar – Nuestra Belleza Mundo 96 – 8th place Miss Word 1996 received an award for the best designed bathing suit.

Yesica Ramírez – Nuestra Belleza Mundo 03 – TOP 20 Received the award of “World TOP Model” in Miss World 2004.

Achievements of Nuestra Belleza in Miss International

Lety Murray in Miss International

Leticia Murray – Nuestra Belleza 99 – 4th place Miss International 2000.

At the same time, Nuestra Belleza has the grant of several international contests in which our representatives have occupied very good places. These are some of them

Achievements of Nuestra Belleza in international contests.

From left to right; Lilian Villanueva, Erica Peña, Amina Blancarte

Amina Blancarte – Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 94 – Nuestra Belleza International 1995.

Vanesa Guzmán – Nuestra Belleza 95 – Miss America International 1995.

Socorro Retolaza- Nuestra Belleza Veracruz 96 – Queen of the International Mayan Coast 1996.

Blanca Soto – Nuestra Belleza Mundo 97- Miss Summer Viña del Mar 1997.

Rebeca Tamez – Nuestra Belleza 97 – Miss American Continent 1997.

Denise Guzmán – Nuestra Belleza Colima 98 – Queen of the Internacional Mayan Coast 1999.

Lilian Villanueva – Nuestra Belleza Quintana Roo 00 – International Flower Queen 2000.

Erica Peña – Nuestra Belleza Sonora 01- Miss Queen Mayan World 2001.

Elsa Burgos – Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Leon 01 – Queen of the International Mayan Coast 2002.

Carolina Salinas – Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Leon 02- Miss Expo WORLD 2002.

Marisol Rojas – Nuestra Belleza Yucatán 03 – Queen of the International Mayan Coast 2004.

These are the international crowns that Nuestra Belleza beauty queens have won for Mexico, without mentioning other recognitions and classifications in some others international contests.

But Nuestra Belleza has some recognitions in the men’s category, for example

José Luis Resendez, 4th place Mr. World 2003

Gabriel Soto – El Modelo México 96 – 2nd place in Mr. World 1996.

Guido Quiles – El Modelo México 2000- 6th place in Mr. World 2000.

Jose Luis Resendez – El Modelo Mexico 2003 – 4th place in Mr. World 2003.





Collaboration of Sergio Mzt (Mexico)



This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2005

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