Queen of the health

On May 1976, Silvia Jiménez Pacheco, 22 years old, a student of Medicine in the University of Costa Rica is chosen as Miss Costa Rica Universe, she travelled to Hong Kong to participate in Miss Universe Pageant on July 1976.

When she returned, she took back the Medicine School and she graduated as a doctor with a speciality in Otorrinolaringology

Dr. Jimenez is now an important authority in Natural Medicine field for thousands of women through out United States of America, Mexico and Latin America.

Dr. Jimenez moved to United States in 1994, she has 2 children, Roberto and María Paz and live in Boulden, Colorado with her husband Garrison.

The former Miss Costa Rica is a recognized columnist who through her section "Only women" informs the female public about how to care and keep healthy, the issue is published in 50 journals in USA, 60 in Mexico and 12 for all Latin America and Caribbean.

American Heart Association awarded to the Dr. Jimenez with the prize Dr Everett C. Koop Media Award 2000, The prize, is named in honor Dr Everett C. Koop who were General Surgeon of USA and it is given to professionals who have contributed extraordinarily through Media.

Mrs. Jiménez was recognized by her valuable work in the category of weekly newspaper by her article "High Pressure, the Quiet Enemy".

The interest in Natural medicine and special necessities carries her to create a web site www.solomujeres.com since 1997, where she answer all questions given. Silvia is the queen of health indeed!


Collaboration of Basilio Quesada (Costa Rica)



This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2005

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