Auditoriums of Miss Universe Pageant

Since 1952, Miss Universe pageant was celebrated in USA, but in 1972 by first time in history, the most beautiful women in the Universe will compete in a stage as beautiful as USA, the enchanted island: Puerto Rico.

At this moment on the pageant will travel around the world, presents us beautiful women in stages as exotic as each one of them. But we do not a lot about the place, the auditorium that gives us excitement, the sighs, the nerves, any kind of unexpected events and of course the glorious moment that frame the face of winner.

This is an small review trough some host countries of the Miss Universe pageant


1977, National Palace, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


1979, Perth Entertainment Centre, Perth, Western Australia

This auditorium was witness when an half of the stage fell down at the end, the most inadequate moment: the crowning. Uuupps!!

1980, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea

1983, Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri


1984 y 1985, Miami Convention Center, USA

These auditoriums have joined thousand of souls that euphoric celebrate the triumph of their delegates step by step during the contest.

1986, ATLAPA Convention Center, Panama City, Panama

1987, World Trade Center, Singapore

Every one caught special memories, very happy moments on stage and extreme tension behind this, like in dressing room….

1991 y 1996, Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts


1992, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

These stages offer a tribute to world and they wear beautiful flags of different groups of audience that support delegates, a celebration to world there is no doubt about it…


1993, Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico


Being there, we can take awareness that these places have been conditioned like giants TV studios, and is easy to realize the great production….

1994, Philippine International Convention Center


1995, Windhoek Country Club Resort, Namibia

.....and of course, when things go smoothly or over extreme tension.


1997, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, USA

1998, Stan Sheriff Arena on the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus, Honolulu HI


2002, Roberto Clemente Walker, San Juan Puerto Rico

The architectural designs show us the style of host country, however in many times, they look better inside:


2003, Figali Convention Center, Panama City, Panama


2004, Convention Center Middle of The World, “CEMEXPO”


2005, Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand

What do you thing?, What are the most spectaculars??, Maybe the Asian.


Collaboration of Juan Carlos (Mexico)


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