Chances in Miss Asia Pacific

It’s known that the Miss Asia Pacific pageant began in the 70’s, gathering Asian and Polynesian countries, however; it was until the 80’s when the rest of Pacific Ocean’s coastline countries: American, started sending candidates to this pageant, first Mexico’s with its 1984 representative Maria Fernanda Quintana Martinez and then Peru in 1985, with Liliana Tapia, who happened to be third place that year.


Later on, the 1994 edition which was expected to occur in Manila Philippines, moved to Cebu island in that same country. Among the favorites were Miss Turkey, Miss India, Miss Israel as well as Mexico and Peru: Karla Contreras and Jessica Tapia respectively.

After several weeks of competition and visits to sponsors headquarters, the final night show brought Miss Tahiti, Israel and turkey as the 5th, 4th and 3rd runners up, just Mexico and Peru were left awaiting the final decision, both ladies, as nervous and exited as you can imagine, could not help crying while holding each other’s hands. It was then that Jessica Tapia de Peru arose as the new Miss Asia Pacific, leaving to Miss Mexico the 1st runner up spot. The first South American in winning this pageant came then to be Miss Peru.


These other titles were also awarded:

Friendship award: Guam

Photogenic : Turkey

Best National Costume : korea

Talent : Macedonia

Best in swimwear : Peru

Best long gown : Mexico

Seven years later, in the city of Makati, Philippines, 19 beautiful women got together for the 2001 edition, where some “Latinas” where the clear favourites, they were Mexico, Colombia, el Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Peru, paradoxically, miss Honduras was the only in the favourites list that would not make it to the finals, Miss mexico and mIss peru’s charisma helped them to become the most likely ones to take the crown home. At the final night, the close competition between the two favourites resulted in the first position for mexico’s Lizette Villanueva and the crown for Miss Peru: Luciana Farfan. The second win for this country.

Other awards were given in this order:

Friendship : Sri Lanka

Photogenic : Japan

Best National Costume : Mexico (an absolutely stunning butterflies themed dress)

Talent : korea

Best in swimwear : Mexico

Best long gown : Peru

Has Peru had its only two opportunities to win the crown, has Mexico been there to fight it closely. Is it chance or faith? What are the odds when Mexico and Peru face each other in the finals again? Just time will say.


Collaboration of Khalil (Perú)


This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2005

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