Rosibel Chacón, a lucky queen (Miss Costa Rica 1985)

A beautiful girl, 20 years old, brunette, whose name is Rosibel Chacon Pereira, came to the beauty pageants casualty.

It was 1984 when she worked in a travel agency and between their customer was Miss Costa Rica 1984, Silvia Portilla whom Rosibel assistance with air tickets for Miss Universe, Miss Maja International, Miss Latin America etc.

Silvia herself told Rosibel about join to Miss Costa Rica 1985 and she applied, where later she won the National title and the Miss Photogenic award. She went to Miss Universe 1985 in Miami, where her body paid attention and she was considered between the favourites, unfortunate she did not make it in top 10.

She went to Miss Asia Pacific in Hong Kong where se won the National costume award and was a semifinalist, when she return her country, she travel again in order to participate in Miss Maja International in Trinidad & Tobago, she got 3rd. place.

On September travelled to Machala, Ecuador for participate in the first edition of Reina Mundial del Banano, where she won the title and also Miss Elegance award, she also participated in Miss Centro America in El Salvador, she got 2nd. Place and won Miss best body award.

She participated in Miss Tourism of Central America & Caribbean in Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. where she was semifinalist. In Medellin, Colombia she participated in first edition of International Queen of Flowers 1985 where won Miss Uruguay Andrea Beatriz López Silva, who was finalist in Miss Universe.

Before crowned the new Miss Costa Rica 1986 she went to Barranquilla, Colombia at Queen of the Carnival where she won.

Now at her 40’s she is married with Claudio Alpízar and has two daughters, Gloriana y Valeria, she is working in tourism field in Copa Airlines.


Collaboration of Basilio Quesada (Costa Rica) 


This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2005

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