Where there is a will, there is a way!

In beauty contests diverse cases have been seen, here is a case that demonstrates the desire on the part of some girls to be queens, they have achieved their goals or aims, for this reason we present some of the women who have proposed to be winners and have achieved their dream, when you want something, you can achieve it!

In " Miss Venezuela 2001 " Cinthya Lander (who represented Venezuela in Miss Universe 2002) was elected, a candidate which did not achieve to be a semifinalist in this National event, took advantage of the situation (having double nationality), and traveled to Germany the same year with a new objective, becoming " Miss Germany 2001 " and to compete in Miss Universe 2002. She is the popular Natascha Borger, she achieved her goal and proved to us that when you want something, you can achieve it. She was a semifinalist in Miss Universe 2002, and she has classified in diverse beauty contests.

Cases with bitter flavor:


In 2002, the Miss Puerto Rico Universe contest(which was won by Carla Tricoli) to choose the new representative for Miss Universe 2003, Cynthia Enid Olavarria participated among other candidates. Cynthia was first finalist, probably she had a bitter flavor from this experience and participated again with the desire of becoming Miss PR 2004. She achieve it, let's wait for her participation in this Miss Universe 2005. She will surely become a finalist.

In 2002, the " Miss Peru Universe contest " took place with a good group of experienced candidates involved in show business, The Happy winner was Adriana Zubiate (a tall dark woman with a good body), certainly the first Miss Peru of this race, becoming first finalist Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos who decided to return in " Miss Peru Universe 2003 " achieving her goal of being Miss Peru, and representing her country in " Miss Universe 2003 " managing to become a semifinalist in Miss Universe won by Amelia Vega.

Again in " Miss Peru 2004 " the group of candidates were not recycled misses, the winners turned out to be Liesel Holler and the current Miss World, Maria Julia Mantilla (back then, Miss Peru World 2004) the first finalist Fiorella Castellanos, was not happy with the final results. She participated in Miss Peru 2005. Finally her dream came true and now she is the flaming “Miss Peru World 2005” she is in charge that the Miss World crown stays to Peru for another year.

Claudia, when you want something, you fight for it?

In 2004 the Miss Dominican Republic Universe was beginning a new course in Magaly Febles's hands. (She had the franchise of Miss Puerto Rico Universe and now of Miss Dominican Republic) Among the candidates, appeared a beautiful 17 year old dark woman (Who was still in school back then) she imposed herself in the Final night becoming a finalist. But she did not achieve her aim to be Miss DR 2004, but happily, still had the desires, months after, she took part in the Reality Show “Looking for Miss Dominican Republic World 2004” in the final night Claudia Cruz  achieved the crown, being the representative of Dominican Republic 2004, traveled to China and imposed among 106 candidates from the whole world achieving the first runner up position. The contest was won by Maria Julia Mantilla from Peru.

Collaboration of Moisés Alvarez (Dominican Republic)


This anecdote is from the month: MAY 2005

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