Abbygale Arenas
Miss Philippines 1997

Miss Philippines 1997,  Abbygale Arenas

Abbygale Arenas participated in Miss Universe 1997, and got Miss Photogenic Award given by International Press, it is important notice that The Philippines is second place in this Award in Miss Universe Pageant, the first place is Puerto Rico.

Abbygale who won also “Supermodel Search” in Los Angeles, USA in 1992, obtained the prize in times when professional in the photography field judged the all contestants, rather
with popular vote made through internet nowadays and 1997 The Philippines win for second time in a row Miss Photogenic Award!! It had not been seen since 1956 when Germany won consecutively in 1956 and 1957.

The rest Miss Philippines who have won the prize are: Ailleen Damiles (1996), Maria Margareta Moran (1973), y Vida Doria (1971).

Abbygale nowadays has it own company in The Philippines called Visibility Advisers regarding personality development and image enhancement, she is married with Photographer Jun de Leon and has one son, whose name is Irijah.

This anecdote is from the month: MAY 2005

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