Hafa Adai (hello)!!!!
Miss Guam, Miss Congeniality award winner!!!

Guam is the country with most Miss Friendship awards in Miss Universe, this Island is located approximately 3,300 miles West of Hawaii, 1,500 miles East of the Philippines and 1,550 miles South of Japan, population of 155,000 people (according census 2000), it has won 4 times Miss Friendship award in Miss Universe, become in a "power house" in Miss Friendship award.

The first winner was Hilary Anne Best in 1970,

then Lucy Carbullido Montinola in 1985,

and just 1 year later Guam came back to win the award, and is with Dina Reyes Salas in 1986,

and if the world have any doubt about Guam is a relly "power house" in Miss Friedship Award repeated the victory in 1988 with Liza Marie Camacho.

Collaboration of Lestat (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: MAY 2005

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