Diana Nogueira, Miss Spain 1999

The Miss Spain election in 1999 took place in city of Jaen. 52 girls competed, modelling in regional suit, bathing suit, and evening night gown. 26 semi-finalists were selected in the first round, then only 12 were left .These 12 ladies had to answer some questions by the panel of judges. There were many nerves and tension in a very special night like this one. Miss Lerida, Inmaculada Nadal, was appointed second runner up, therefore she was the candidate to Miss Europe 1999.

The first runner up was Miss Seville, Carmen Fernandez, who was chosen to attend the Miss World contest in1999; the winner of the night was Lorena Bernal Pascual, Miss Guipúzcoa, and future representative in Miss Universe 1999. Up to that moment, everything was fine, but something strange occurred, Lorena Bernal was chosen as Miss Spain being only 17 years old, therefore she could not take part in Miss Universe 1999. The organization decided to interchange the international contests between Lorena and Carmen. Lorena went to Miss World 1999, Carmen to Miss Universe 1999 and Inmaculada to Miss Europe 1999.

A new obstacle interfered, Carmen could not travel to Trinidad and Tobago because her father was ill, Inmaculada had a contract to compete in Miss Europe 1999, it was urgent to get another Spanish representative to participate in Miss Universe 1999, finally Diana Nogueira, Miss Pontevedra, which had been TOP 12 in Miss Spain1999, represented her country in Miss Universe. Carmen went to Miss International 1999.

Diana Nogueira got second runner up place in Miss Universe 1999, she got high score in interview, evening gown and bathing suit competition, she was one of the audience favourites in final night and one of Spaniard most remember by fans, during interview competition the host asked her about her sensual and revelatory dress, questioning her What is most important of the dress the front of the back?, Diana answer it, “the front, you have to look the people face on and not for behind”, the audience reacted very exciting and support her with a great ovation.

In spite of so many obstacles for the Miss Spain organization that year, everything turned out fine, Diana Nogueira was the third runner up in Miss Universe 1999, Lorena Bernal was TOP 10 of Miss World 1999 and Carmen Fernandez was the first runner up in Miss International 1999. A happy ending after a year of vicissitudes for Spanish women on their way to different international contests.

Miss Spain is top 10 in Miss Universe 1999  **Video (1 mb)

Collaboration of Moisés Braulio Saborido (Spain)

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