Pamela Zarza, Miss Paraguay 1992

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During celebration of Miss Universe Pageant in Bangkok, Thailand, Pamela Zarza wore one of the most beautiful national costumes never seen in the history of the beauty pageant.

Obtaining for Paraguay its first and only prize “Best national Costume", since Miss Universe Pageant starts in 1952.



Pamela now is a top model in Paraguay and recently had to be attended of a serious anorexic problem.

She was in the Hospital during a month, She herself declares her experience. "my deteriorated health was because of exigency of the modelling industry. I had lose height and thus I began. I let eat. In the last phases I felt annoying already, inclusively I felt nausea, I had not good memory, I was delirious suddenly. It is a very big problem ".


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This anecdote is from the month: MAY 2005

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