Hope returns to Mexico 34 years later
the story of Amanda Olivares, 2nd. runner - up in Miss Universe 1988


May 24, 1988, the Mexican headlines say:

Get Mexican 2nd. Runner up in Miss Universe Pageant

After decades with out make semi finals in Miss Universe, beautiful woman from Puebla, Amanda OIivares Phillips get for Mexico 2nd. Runner up spot.
Nevertheless not all was “honey”, because after weeks of “cameras and lights”, the beautiful Miss Mexico denounced openly a truth non very know about beauty pageants in México. Here are her words:

"I won my spot by myself"
"I have suffered a lot, I have put everything of my part and I have not found the support to the value regarding my efforts". With that expression, Amanda Beatriz Olivares Phillip, 22 years old that May 23rd, surprised Mexico when obtained the second runner up spot in Miss Universe contest, reflects the hardships that happened when the support from the Miss Mexico Organisation was null.

The meaning in Mexico in to get a a high spot in beauty pageants is under discussion, because Amanda and top 5 in Miss Mexico received an invitation from the President of Mexico, “I think due the high spot I got in Miss Universe, it should be an invitation to National finalist and another one for me, not together, I don’t go until I receive a invitation only for me” says.

Amanda says is overwhelmed with offers to work, although these coming when most critical situation has gone.

“I don’t have any cents in the bank, the prizes won in State and National pageant it was used in order to buy my clothes for Miss Universe and the money I was receiving as Miss Mexico I used it for paying my trips and clothes, that is one of disadvantages a Miss Mexico when go to Miss Universe, but rather Miss USA, Miss Venezuela or Miss Colombia all clothes is practically putted in their suitcase and all expenses are paid."

With out deny her satisfaction for the triumph, Amanda reveals that there were moments between her father Alberto Olivares Sierra and Antonio Kuri (State Member) in what they did heads or tails in order to decide who is going to buy a dress for wearing in Miss Universe.

“I want to clarify something; it says that thanks to the “preparation” of Miss Mexico Organization I went high in Miss Universe, that’s no true, the only preparation I was received was 10 classes of History of Mexico and one moth of aerobics, that’s all!!, I think to travel, to met people, talk in front of cameras and radio, answer difficult questions is what helped me for feel confident and not personalities classes, or English, modelling etc.”
Amanda admit did not take classes, because she felt did not need them.

“This year, the new Miss Mexico (Adriana Abascal) is only 17 years old, she is very young and needs preparation and she is going to take it”

Although preparation classes are not structured also, Amanda thinks success will depend the person. Is very important the type of person chosen for Miss Mexico, because she have to do her best in Miss Universe with determination and confident, other way if the contest is taking no seriously you could not make semifinalist.

For me was very important to make proud Mexicans and put in the map my country because there is a misconception about Miss Mexico, when arrived there; they told me you are same like ones of last years, “first met me and then talk” they were surprising.


“I mean, I arrived with disadvantages because of misconception, for me was very important make a difference, I don’t know why has passed 34 years from 3rd runner up’s Ana Bertha Lepe for a success in Miss Universe. I don’t know if the last Miss Mexico did their best like me, but I did my 100% from I put my first foot til the end of the contest”

“It had an impeccable image from my arrive, the way of walking, I try to do it well in the choreography because I wanted to be ahead, I knew being ahead I had more exposure and I considered the interview as the most important of all stages more than bathing suite or national costume competition, because it was the chance that judges met me, and know what Amanda thinks.”

“I don’t know if the last ones did their best,” insists “but I know few of them that just taken the contest as vacations with all paid.”

“They were conformist, some of them told me, Amanda just fun! Don’t worry, you are not going to win, you are not going to make the semifinalist, because Mexico never make the cut!!”, that was exactly a challenge for me, to make the semifinalist and did my 100% and after that I would not make the semifinalist, that because it was not for me.

In a confident way, Amanda remember the pleasing and the ingrate moments during Miss Universe, when she was in Taiwan, one day before the international pageant gave symbolically the Miss Mexico Crown in her country, no body mentioned her name once, during the National Event.

“No one says in Miss Mexico Pageant that the current Miss Mexico was in Taiwan doing her best in order to make proud Mexico, that hurt me too much” says, “just I hope doesn’t happen again with the next Miss Mexico”.

“I would like to give a message to Mexican woman, a message of fight and confident for doing her best, I didn’t go high in Miss Universe just because of my physical beauty of internal beauty but rather because of I did my best always”.


Our thanks to Art (Canada)

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