Ms. Bolivia International 2004, Elizabeth Bress


A group of local independent filmmakers an original idea, a talented crew and a group of gorgeous women where all it took to turn a hilarious script into a 15 minute short film sure to turn a lot of heads.

Bar Moments is the name of the film written, produced, directed and stared by local filmmaker and comedian Adam Rudder, who plays a club going nerd trying to pick up on stunning girls way above his league while the whole thing is being narrated like a football game gone wrong, with comments from the experts and comical interviews from spectators. According to Rudder the screenplay was written in the NFL Films style and “it reads like a funny beer commercial or a Saturday Night Live sketch”.


Latin beauty Elizabeth Bress (Ms. Bolivia International 2004) with the lead role joins Adam Rudder and a cast composed by Brandi Hall, Elizabeth Shapiro and Greta Valenti, who play Elizabeth’s friends, and Jaimyon Parker, Anup Sugunan and Ernie McCray who play Rudder’s geeky friends trying to get lucky with the lovely girls in the nightclub.

“When I first read it I thought it was a very crazy and original idea, it’s quite different from other ideas I have heard of before” said Elizabeth. “Everyone in the cast and crew are very young and full of talent, Adam is a very creative guy, I’m sure he is going to be very successful in this business”.



And that is how Ms. Bolivia Internacional 2004, Elizabeth Bress and Bolivian Beauties Creator debuts in the cinema with this cortometraje, when it is finished, it's going to submitted to several film festivals and post it up on the internet. When it’s done, he hopes to screen it in the Thin Room’s Cinema Social on Wednesdays and the San Diego Film Festival.


Our thanks to Gerardo Mty (Mexico)   

This anecdote is from the month: MARCH 2005

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