Rina Messinger, Miss Universe 1976 of Israel


Rina Messinger of Israel was crowned as Miss Universe in Hong Kong on July 10, 1976 in Chinese Theatre, days later says to New York press; "I'm no politician. I think my being Miss Universe will show people that Israel has another side, not only war."

She also disclosed plans to give part of her $10,000 cash award to wounded Israeli soldiers.


Top 12 was announced and there were: ISRAEL, Rina Messinger, VENEZUELA, Judith Josefina Castillo Uribe, Gales, Sian Adey-Jones, SCOTLAND, Carol Jean Grant, AUSTRALIA, Julie Anne Ismay, ARGENTINA, Lilian Noemí Deasti, CHILE, María Elena Sommer, COLOMBIA, María Elena Reyes, CURACAO, Anneke Dijkhuizen, ENGLAND, Pauline Davies, HONG KONG, Rowena Lam and NORWAY, Bente Lihaug. (below picture).

During the contest circulated some rumors; At a Hong Kong gala, pageant judge and film director Roman Polanski asked Miss Austria, Heide Passian, who she thought the greatest person in the world was. "The Pope," she replied. Mr. Polanski snarled: "I think this Pope is a lousy Pope."

Several contestants complained about all the parties and public events they had to attend that were sponsored by Hong Kong's elite. "I'd just like to go home now, but these people think they own you because they put up money, so you have to go to the parties and dance with their sons," said Miss Samoa, Taliilani Ellen Letuli. She added that both she and Miss Philippines, Lizabeth de Padua, had been asked by scions of one Hong Kong magnate to stay with them after the pageant.

One pageant official said the new Israeli Miss Universe, Rina Messinger, would present the pageant with "a monumental security problem," considering her extensive travel and personal appearance schedule. Another official said they were working on a security plans to protect the new Miss Universe from Palestinian terrorists. "Her safety is very important to us, but she should be allowed her freedom." One of the first measures they took was to prohibit television cameras from the coronation ball.

Some pictures from Top 5; they were, Miss Israel, Venezuela, Gales, Escocia and Australia


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