Miss Spain under 18 years old

3 times Miss Spain has been chosen with 17 years old, for that reason, they was no able to go at Miss Universe pageant because of to be under 18 years old, so it was sent others Spaniards and in addition they made the cut placed high, it is important to say that 3 delegates who didn’t win Miss Spain title originality, the same 3 placed high later in Miss Universe over 40 Spaniard who won Miss Spain Title didn’t make the cut, except those 3 and 11 delegates since 1960 to 2005.

Spain in several times was no able to send at its original winner at Miss Universe Pageant because of problems with the age (Miss Universe no accept girls under 18 years old), that has happened 3 times, and all of them have finish with a successfully participation in the Pageant.

Teresa Sanchez went to Miss Universe due to Miss Spain Juncal Rivero**, has not 18 years old as rules of Miss Universe says, Teresa came from Sevilla to Miami, USA and she got 1st. runner up place being surpassed by Puerto Rico’s Debora Carthy Deu.

Almost 15 years later, Lorena Bernal was chosen Miss Spain 1999 with 17 years old, therefore with the impossibility to go to Miss Universe its finalist, was chosen Galicia’s Diana Nogueira top 12 of Miss Spain, Diana got for her country 2nd. Runner up place in Trinidad & Tobago, just behind Philippines’s Miriam Quiambao and Botswana’s Mpule Kwelagobe who won the Miss Universe crown.

Finally 2 years later, Lorena Van Herde was chosen Miss Spain 2001, this girl from Alicante, was no able to represent her country at Miss Universe Pageant went Eva Sisó instead, who was Lorena’s first runner up, in the international pageant Eva placed 6th.

from left to right Diana Nogueira (Miss Spain 1999) and Eva Sisó (Miss Spain 2001)

It is interesting that 3 Miss Spain were no able to go at Miss Universe because of age problems and who replaced them got very high in the pageant, mainly if we thought since from 1960, the year when Spain sent its first delegate, just 14 Spaniards have been semifinalist.


Collaboration of Moisés Braulio Saborido (Spain)


Juncal Rivero was no able to go at Miss Universe Pageant because 2 months before the beauty pageant she won Miss Europe Pageant, Teresa Sánchez went instead, also Miss Rivero was 18 years old.

Sofia Mazagatos was indeed chosen Miss Spain under 18 years old, she should go at Miss Universe 1992, but for age reason the winner of Miss National Pageant who was Virginia Correa went instead, Virginia won 2nd. Runner up in best national custome in Thailand, Sofia represented Spain at Miss Europe and was a finalist.

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This anecdote is from the month: JUNE 2005

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