Miss Austria 1977, Eva Maria Duringer


Beautiful Eva Maria Duringer had everything to take the crown in any international beauty pageant; she joined Miss World and became semifinalist.

In 1977 she got 1st. runner up place in Miss Universe won by Trinidad & Tobago’s Jeanelle Commisiong.

One would think there is frustration in the contender from Austria but however destiny has something waiting for her, one of the Miss Universe judge fall in love with her, and she was his muse, a fashion designer from Florence, Italy, he is Roberto Cavalli.

And even 19 years of difference, they are together and madly in love.
With out a doubt Mrs Cavalli who was Miss Europe 1977 also, nowadays is women's envy, many of them want to be in her shoes or even better to say in her dresses ....



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This anecdote is from the month: JUNE 2005



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