Misses and Mr. Venezuelan in reality Shows in Spain

Reality Shows has became a platform for international beauty contenders of Venezuela in Spain, the first “Miss” in participate in this type of shows was Veruzka Ramirez, Miss Venezuela and first runner up in Miss Universe 1998.

This Venezuelan beauty joined the first edition of reality show “La selva de los FamoS.O.S.” (the jungle of the famous), which held in the Amazon Jungle where have survive with other people with natural food provided by the jungle. Veruska was fired by the audience because of steel food secretly of the organization and the others contenders.

The next Venezuelan star was Ernesto Calzadilla Mister Venezuela 1998 and Mister Manhunt International 1999, he came to Spain at “La Granga” (the farm) reality show in its first edition, where the famous take care the animals, take bathing shower with cold water, no electricity … Ernesto was taken out of the show when he had an affair with Miss Playboy TV 2004.

Early 2005 came to Spain Miss World 1995 Jacqueline Aguilera, who went to participate in the second edition of reality show Big Brother VIP, Jacqueline fall in love with Adans Perez (Princess of Monaco’s ex husband) and she was fired by the Spaniard audience who didn’t like Jacqueline’s performance.

And finally, few weeks ago Alicia Machado, Miss Universe 1996, was taken out of the second edition of “La Granja” (the farm) reality show, the universal queen carried out an affair with a television presenter in the reality and she was rude with some of contenders, it didn’t like the TV spectators and they decided didn’t save again, since like Veruska was saved during several weeks by the audience.

Collaboration of Moisés Braulio Saborido (Spain)

This anecdote is from the month: JUNE 2005

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