The bold Japanese Misess

In 2003, a Japanese woman put her country under highlight, she was Miyako Miyazaki, finalist in Miss Universe 2003, Miyako surprised the whole world when in Evening gown competition (to see video), wore a very bold dress never seen before in more than 50 years in the Pageant. Miyako received a tremendous ovation and obviously a high score, enough to reach a top 5 place.

Evening Gown Video

Only 2 years later in Bangkok, Thailand, another Japanese put on the center of attention her country, she was Yukari Kuzuya, wearing a very vanguard dress, maybe out of context for a beauty pageant as Miss Universe is, Yukary made all type of reactions in international forums, many support her and ovation her, but many make a fun of her, receiving critics during days and days, one thing is true, Yukary never could be unnoticed, and Miss Universe 2005 will be remember because of Miss Canada won and because of Miss Japan’s dress.

High resolution Miss Japan's dress

Collaboration of Element (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JUNE 2005

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