Interview with Roger Allan
(Miss Mexico Org. English teacher)

In this edition, el anecdotario did an interview at one of Miss Mexico Org. teacher, go with me and read the interview.

Roger along with Lupita Jones, Miss Universe 1991

Roger Alan Musa Ramírez (Roger Allan) is a Mexican actor, he has worked as interpreter in some tv shows in Televisa Corporation and as English teacher in Miss Mexico Organization during several years, he has a Language School in Mexico City and a Restaurant with a partner.

Mr. Anec: What year do you begin in Miss Mexico Organization? (also called Nuestra Belleza México)

Roger. I began in Miss Mexico Org. in 1996, during Rebeca Tamez reign (Mexico 97); I worked with her during last months as Miss Mexico.


Mr. Anec: How might describe every one of your students?

Roger: Obviously, everyone has been different, although all of them had the “mood” for conquer the crown, each one has been focused in made Mexico proud. In beginning all have scared and sad because they were far from their parents, home and friends, but when the training starts they have no time for thinking anything, just how to reach the crown.

Mr. Anec: Could you please tell us any anecdote with your singular “Miss students”?

Roger: I can tell you so much!, but one anecdote I remember with a lot of affection was on 1998, Silvia Salgado (Mexico’s Miss Universe semifinalist) and I were together in order to see the Miss World on tv because Vilma Zamora (Miss Mexico World 1998) was competing and we ordered sushi, since there I always have to dinner sushi when I see Miss World on tv


Roger along with Silvia Salgado, Miss Mexico 1999

Mr. Anec: What do you think is easier, to teach at Miss Mexico or to teach at girl who doesn’t have the title of most beautiful woman in Mexico?

Roger: When you are a professor first and foremost you have to be a professional, I had have personalities of politic life, tremendous journalist, actors, bullfighters and beauty queens, when you are in class that type of things it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that you teach correctly the lesson.

Mr. Anec: Which is your favourite Miss Mexico and why?

Roger: oh my God, what a dilemma!, I have my sentimental favourites because we have spent very good moments. Without less importance to all others, I would say that Silvia Salgado (Mexico 99), Jaqueline Bracamontes (Mexico 2001) and Marisol Gonzalez (Mexico 2003), with they I have a very good friendship and they trust me.

Mr. Anec: and also which is your favourite miss (it could be from any international pageant or any winner)

Roger: I am Amelia Vega’s friend (Miss Universe 2003), I find her divine!


Letty Murray, Miss Mexico 2000 and Roger

Mr. Anec: Roger, Do you know if any girl didn’t agree with the general training and why?

Roger: Oh yes, there were several complaints, sometimes because they didn’t like the diet or the catwalk classes but I think it was because of tired, suddenly they don’t have a rest due to their duties, they are training since 6:00 hrs. til 23:00 hrs. and they don’t have time for going to the cinema or to see the boyfriends.

Mr. Anec: How important is to speak English in International Beauty Pageants? Some girls have won without English knowledge

Roger: It is important because 3 weeks previous at Pageant, rehearsals, classes and tv spots are in English, all directions are in that language, the point of Miss Mexico Org. when teach this subject is that the girl comes the Pageant with the enough English knowledge in order to understand the directions.

Mr. Anec: Roger, You are in touch with the queens, tell us what they feel prior to go the pageant and how they feel after the pageant when they already know the results?

Roger: some days before leaves, they are under pressure, they have press conference, they go all TV shows, radio, dinners, breakfast organized by sponsors and friends, they come at Pageant so tired but with high expectation and focused in conquer the judges and the crown. I’ve realized when they return that they are agree with decision’s judges, the only one who return sad very sad was Jacqueline Bracamontes (Mexico 2001), I saw her 3 days after the pageant and we cry together. She was one of the big favourites for the crown, all thought that she was at less a top 10, but never happened, I remember those moments and I get angry, I swear!

along with 2 Miss Mexico, from left, Jaqueline Bracamontes (Mexico 2001) and from right, Blanca Zumarraga (Mexico World 2003)

Mr. Anec: We know about beauty pageants forums on internet as Mexico as abroad, Do you know if any Miss Mexico was affected by commentaries said in forums around the world?

Roger: People do not have to be so drastic when write down their commentaries, sometimes doesn’t win our favourite but who is the winner deserves respect and support, I think Marisol Gonzalez (Mexico 2003) was affected by photomontages in forums of her photos with dogs face, also Erika Cruz (Mexico 2002) was touched by evil commentaries about her


from left to right; Roger with Erika Cruz, Miss Mexico 2002 and with Marisol Gonzalez, Miss Mexico 2003

Mr. Anec: Many countries accept girls who are living abroad but they are nationals, Do you think Mexico should follow this practice?

Roger: personally since the girl is Mexican she has the right to represent their country although she lives in China

Mr. Anec: Are you in touch with some Miss Mexico?

Roger: of course, I keep in touch with some of them, each one has made a difference in my life, and they have been not only students but friends. I have been the honour to be confident, psychologist, spiritual advisor, but mainly, friend of each one of them.
It is very pretty that after so many years, we even have a good friendship. I am always in touch with them, celebrating each one of its triumphs. I want much to them and I am thankful that we continue being friends.


from left to right; Roger with Paulina Flores (Mexico World 2000) and Tatiana Rodríguez (Mexico World 2001)

Mr. Anec: Roger, thank you very much for this interview

Roger: oh no, thanks to you for the interview, I had the opportunity to met you in person here in Mexico City and talk about my experience in Miss Mexico Organization, congratulations for your web site and keep the good job!, thank you very much!


This anecdote is from the month: JULY 2005

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