Mistakes in Miss Spain Pageant

There are times that seem the goblins set up the situation and all ending really bad; it exactly happened in recently Miss Spain editions.

In 2000 year during Miss Spain Pageant, the hostess announced the 26 semifinalist and by mistake they forgot to Miss Barcelona, Roquel Rovira, who joined the competition in next catwalk, becoming to be a top 12 and represent Spain in Miss International 2000 pageant.

Left behind that embarrassing moment, the show would follow in a right way apparently, however another problem show up when the host announced the second runner up Helen Lindes, suddenly Luis María Ansón, Jury President and member of Spaniard Language Academy Royal stand up and called at public notary, who had notified the votes and clarify the results because a new mistake had occurred again.

Atmosphere was very tense, then minutes later, after check again the results, the host called Natalia Robres, Miss Teruel as 2nd runner up, then Veronica García, Miss Tarragona as 1st. runner up and the winner Helen Lindes who had been called minutes ago as 2nd runner up!!, moths later in Miss Universe pageant Helen placed third

In Miss Spain 2005 edition occurred some mistakes when announced the semi finalists, since 2003 year, the host named one by one candidate and say her if she is classified or not.

Candidates were named in alphabetic order when was the turn of Miss Almeria, the host said her “You are not classified” same words for Miss Asturias and Miss Barcelona, when was the turn of Miss Burgos the decision was “you are classified” same words for next contender, Miss Cáceres.

In that moment stand up Miss Spain 1996 María José Suarez, who was member of jury, who said that something wrong were happening because the semifinalist were named by mistake, the public notary count again the votes during tv commercial.

When camebak from publicity, the misses who had already been named, returned at their original spot and the announce of semifinalist start all over again, this correction made happy at represents from Almería, Asturias and Barcelona whose were chosen as semifinalist, nevertheless Burgos and Cáceres’s contenders were disqualified.


It is compressible to think this happened because of human mistakes, but also the organization have to avoid those type of mistake because the feelings of candidates is on game, and should be hurt when an “official” classified candidate is disqualified minutes later.

Collaboration of Moisés Braulio Saborido (Spain)

This anecdote is from the month: JULY 2005

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