Miss Universe 1990 contenders

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Miss Universe 1990 on April 15, 1990, The Contest of “Miss Universe 1990” took place; this edition was very special, since there were many innovations and changes influenced by political changes that occurred principally in Europe, for the first time in Miss Universe countries from a socialistic blockade participated; Czechoslovakia and Poland had participated before, but for the first time in Miss Universe, Miss Soviet Union (USSR) participated, an 18-year-old blonde girl.

A year of changes, for the first time Miss USA, was a black woman, Carole Gist, 20 years, 1.80 cm. The contestants that came from Miss World 1989, such as Gibraltar, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland (4th place in Miss World 1989) and Czechoslovakia, this last one was the only one that entered the top 10 of Miss Universe1990 and it turn out to be that the representatives of Belize, Egypt, France, Nigeria, Turkey (9 º place in Miss Universe 1990) and Aruba, had also gone to the Miss World 1990, where Turkey and Aruba were in the Top 10, nobody explains how Miss Aruba managed to classify

Something new in Miss Universe 1990, was the fact of selecting 10 Semifinalist, then 6 Finalists were selected, 3 were eliminated, leaving the Top 3, this mechanism lasted 8 years.
And for the first time the audience saw in their television screens, the punctuation of each of the 71 competitors obtained in the stages Bathing suit, Interview, and evening gown, which made the judges, score a little bit more trustful. Luckily for Latin America, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela, classified

That year Brazil did not take part in Miss Universe 90, Brazil who had been the potency of Beauty in the 50`s and 60`s, Mona Grudt, Miss Norway, was the last European to win Miss Universe, until 2002, year in which Miss Russia won the crown.
Let’s hope that in Miss Universe 2005, Mr. Trump’s organization, shows us on Screen the candidate’s punctuation in each of the stages of the contest and that the this judges are internationally “recognized” personalities and not judges with a seal of  “Made in USA".


Article sent by Armando México (Mexico), Thank you!

This anecdote is from the month: FEBRUARY 2005

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