Portraits of misses

Ending 70’s and beginning 80’s Mexican Magazine “Teleguia” had a very funny section called “Artistic Binnacle, written by me”, there; the reporter who never write down his name, admired the physic qualities of beauty queens and artists, according him, the most beautiful woman is granted the title “Diamond binnacle”.

It was very entertained to read how kindly admired and described the beautiful “feminas” (he called them like that).

His paintings were very good indeed, signed as Velasquez, here are some of them:



Picture; Miss Mexico and semifinalist in Miss Universe 1978, Alba Margarita Cervera


Miss Universe 1978, of South Africa Margaret Gardiner chosen in Mexico (left), Ernestina Sodi represented to Mexico in Miss International 1977, she is famous singer Thalia's sister (right).


Blanca Ma. Luisa Díaz Tejeda of Nayarit State (Mexico) participated in Miss Universe 1979 and Felicia Mercado of Baja California State (México ) in Miss Universe 1977, Felicia is a very famous Mexican actress and she is more beautiful than before.


Our thanks to Téllez (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: FEBRUARY 2005

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