Beauty Pageant boo-boos

For years have commonly circulated an email titled as "Beauty Pageant boo-boos". They relate only to Filipino pageants. However we want to add some more funny answers given by contestants from other pageants in other countries.


Q: "If you only had one of the five senses, what would you have?"

A: "Uhmm...the sense of sight."

Q: "And why is that?"

A: "Uhm..because, because...ahh..I have beautiful eyes!"

Q: "How would you spend your last 24 hours on earth?"

A: "I will spend it in church to forgive my sins!"

Q: "What will be your plans after this pageant?"

A: "I will continue my educational insurance plans."

Q: "What do you think is a woman's greatest advantage?"

A: "A woman's greatest advantage is 'she can give birth' and 'equal to man!' "

Emcee: " you live not far from how did you come here, did you walk or did you ride?"

Candidate: "Uhmmm...of course 'did you ride.'"

A candidate introducing herself :

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I am Carmelita Hernandez, I come from Pasay City and I want to be a MEDICINE!!"

Host: "Which of your assets do you think sets you apart from the rest of the contestants?"

Candidate: "Well, in my opinion, the asset that sets me apart from all the other contestants is my INTELLIGENT. "

Host : "What's your favorite motto?"

Contestant: (Didn't utter a word for 5 seconds as if thinking...then after a while)..."Can you repeat the question please?"

Host : "Okay, what is your favorite motto?"

Contestant: "Hi, hi, hi, hi..."(trying to delay her answer and pretending to be deep in her thoughts)........"Actor or actress, sir?"

Host : (Laughs a bit and since he doesn't want to embarrass the contestant)...."You seem to be fond of slam books. Remember when you were still a kid, you had a favorite motto like,'Time is gold.' That is a sample of a motto!"

Contestant: "Ahh....sir, my favorite motto is 'Time is gold.' "


At the Miss India contest in 2002 :

Q : If beauty is skin deep, how deep is intelligence?

A : Beauty is skin deep.....(almost freezes)... but intelligence is within. Beauty makes you 'beautiful' on the outside, but intelligence is on the inside.... and that makes you beautiful both on the inside as well as outside.


At the Miss World 2001 contest :

Q : If you could nominate one person in the world to become Miss World, who would it be?

Miss China : Nelson Mandela(!!)

At the Miss Universe 1993 pageant :

Q: If you could live forever, would you and why?

Miss India: I would not live forever, because we should not live forever,
because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever,
but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever.


Our thanks to Sujay Prabhu (Mumbai, India)

This anecdote is from the month: FEBRUARY 2005

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