Misses designated in Miss Mexico Pageant

In the year 2000, Miss Mexico Organisation changed the rules for choosing the new Miss Mexico, now; they send more that one girl by State, one is the winner and the rest of them are designed by Organisation, but What is the reason that girls designated go higher than the winners?, here are some cases:

In 2001 Erika Peña Ramirez, had the State Title and Carmen Varela Leyva managed a 2nd runner, while Erika just reached top ten position.

From left to right Erika Peña, Miss Sonora along Lupita Jones (National Director), Carmen Varela, designated.

Another case is Sinaloa who in 2001 Miss Sinaloa was Rosa Alicia León Soto, who didn’t make the semifinals nevertheless Claudia Collado and Mónica Psihas González reached the top ten spot, both are “Misses designated”.

From left to right Rosa Alicia Leon Soto Miss Sinaloa 2001; Claudia Collado Careaga

In Miss Mexico 2001, the winner Miriam Ayala Nuñez didn’t make the cut, whereas the girl designated Ana Ines Santoyo was a top 10.

In 2002, from Sonora State Maria del Carmen Felix Espinoza and Erika Honstein García (Miss World Mexico 2003) reached the top 10 spot, nevertheless the real winner of Miss Sonora didn’t make it.

left Elizabeth Palacio Miss Sonora 2002, center Maria Felix Espinoza (top 12) , right Erika Honstein (top 5).

In Miss México 2003 pageant, Amada Castillo López (girl designated) was top 10, whereas the official Miss Sonora 2003 Laura Almada, didn’t make it.

From left to right Laura Almada Miss Sonora 2003, Amada Castillo López

In Miss Jalisco State Pageant 2004 the winner was Joana Rivera Sibson and the girl designated by Lupita Jones was Gabriela Vázquez Patrón who later was 2nd. Runner up in Miss México Pageant.

left; Joanna Rivera Sibson Miss Jalisco 2004 (top 20), right; Gabriela Vázquez Patrón (girl designated).

These are only few cases, I wonder why results are like that?.


Our thanks to Gerardo Torres de la Barca (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: FEBRUARY 2005

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